Step 1. Determine size of patch needed for area of use and cut patch accordingly.

Step 2. For arms, fingers, legs, knees and toes: Apply patch with the dark green side facing the skin using a medical wrap, stocking, or tape to secure patch in place. (It is not recommended to allow adhesive to contact skin.)

Main trunk of the body: Apply patch using medical tape or a similar device to secure the patch to the inside of clothing, with the dark green side of the patch facing the skin.

Note: For some areas of application, such as hips, more than one patch may be required.

Step 3. Wear clothing normally. Note: Snug clothing may help hold the patch against the skin.


Warnings and Precautions


• Keep away from children.
• Using GreeNettles wet may wash away plant resins.

• GreeNettles may stain clothing, bed linens, and other materials. Stains may be laundered out. Temporary stain on the skin may be removed with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol.

• Do not use GreeNettles if package is opened, torn, or damaged.

• If you are immobile for an extended period of time, physical therapy may be required.

• Do not use where these conditions exist: Deep lacerations, cellulitis, dermatitis, psoriasis or herpes.

• Discontinue use of GreeNettles if area of treatment becomes irritated.

• Consult your physician before using GreeNettles if you are pregnant, diabetic, or suffer from a chronic condition requiring medical treatment..

• If you are using tape to apply GreeNettles, avoid allowing adhesives to come in contact with skin.