"My sister Ginger, in Ohio, told me about this product that was about to launch. I had major knee surgery 19 months ago. I am a tennis professional and my knee will never be the same, but it was hurting so bad after playing one night, I seriously considered quitting the game. I was so stiff I could not walk up the stairs. My order of GreeNettles™ had arrived that day so I stuck one inside my knee brace and sat down to watch TV for the evening. It was only about an hour later that I decided to get something in the kitchen. I got up and immediatelyt knew that something was 'freaky scary.' This could not have happened... my knee was suddenly better than it had been in the past 18 months! It was more flexible than when I was doing physical therapy and all the pain was gone! I'm not sure what happened, but it's been three weeks now and it still feels good!"

~Ron Halaka; Atlanta, GA


"I have had several knee surgeries in the past several years. My knees are now both bone on bone from arthritis. I have been on painkillers for several months to help with the pain. It is especially bad on rainy and cold days. I saw an article in the paper about GreeNettles™. I ordered some, put a patch on both knees and left them on for three days. I was out of pain within eight hours. As I said, rainy days are very bad for me and the first rainy day did not affect me at all. Still no pain, and I'm walking fine. I would recommend them to anyone."

~Beth Molino; Columbus, OH


"I have total motion control! It's fabulous, magnificent, and after only seven minutes of wearing GreeNettles™!"

~Trevor, Age 70


"GreeNettles™ is great! It should be used by anyone with any type of pain, whether it is arthritis, or other pain."

~Claude Elkins; Bremen, OH


"I can't believe the incredible results. It's simply wonderful!"

~Bob, Age 51


"My cut is completely healed and I am excited about all of the possibilities or GreeNettles™ treatments!"

~Don, Age 58


"This is truly an amazing product! I had just taken a pan out of the oven one day and without thinking, started to pick the pan up without using a pot holder. I burned four of my fingers on my left hand. The pain was unbearable but I quickly grabbed for a GreeNettles™Patch (I keep them in the kitchen as well as the bathroom) and started wrapping each finger. Immediately the pain stopped, and my fingers never turned red or blistered. I was so amazed! I also use the patches on my back with immediate results! I make sure to take a package of GreeNettles™ with me no matter where I am going."

~Debbie, Age 58