Our GreeNettles™ Patch is a fully developed product using patented knowledge culminated from years of botanical research and thousands of applications.

Historically, the daily use of nettles have been important to cultures around the globe, both topically and internally back to the earliest writings of mankind. The ancient American Indians, Egyptians, English, French, Germans, Greek and Roman armies used nettles extensively; not only as a food source, but also for many of their medicinal needs.

Throughout time, civilizations have taken advantage of nettles by flailing the skin with the growing plant - a process known as urtication. Urtication has been known to eliminate or reduce pain associated with inflamed joints muscles, arthritis, gout, wounds and much more!

Today, the use of the common nettle plant (Urtica Gracilis) continues as an efficient painkiller and a diuretic to treat swelling, aches, and discomforts.

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